‘’Bristfälliga instruktioner’’,  2023
Video installation, ink plots (a3)

Collaborative work with Jakob Jennerholm Hammar. 
Outtake from shared exhibition ‘’Bristfälliga instruktioner’’ at Galleri Redan. 

Weaving drafts and textiles  serves multifaceted roles as both directives and conveyors of information, resembling instructions, code, and language.  "Bristfälliga instruktioner" conveys the notion of weaving as a rule-based art form, wherein the static and repetitive nature of the process encounters a material that resists complete control.  Within the weaving structural composition, parallels emerge with algorithms, data structures, graphics, and pixel art.  Jakob Jennerholm Hammar and Josefin Åberg come from diverse artistic practices but meet in their exploration of instructions and the transformative impact arising when these directives undergo distortion or cessation. 

This work initiates a dialogue between pattern and code, as a digitally programmed weaving draft undergoes processing and distortion over time through generative processes. Movements within the space of the exhibition were captured by a camera, subsequently influencing the pattern formation and the pattern's variable speed. Frozen moments in time were later transferred onto paper, and plotted by a drawing robot.